Corrie, Liz & Vernon's wedding Photo

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Joe Shmoe | 10:56 Mon 26th May 2008 | Media & TV
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If any of you watched Coronation Street last night What did you think of the scene concerning Liz and Vernon's wedding Photograph? I thought it was the funniest I had seen in ages. Poor vernon.:-D


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It looked so false, so funny, Liz probably only did it to hide her wrinkles, although the actress does look good for her age
Hilarious - those teeth were definitely day-glo white.

Liz is only 51 in real life - she has a definite smoker's mouth.
I wonder if someone is going to black out a few of those teeth.
Mr Ed came to mind!
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Thanks for replying all of you . It Just goes to show what can happen if you get a bit too carried away with the photo manipulation software. yes Postdog that would be pretty tempting. Imagine if you walked in to somebody's house and saw a photo like that! It would be very hard to ignore.:-D
Best bit of Airbrushing I've seen, touch of David Dickinson tan and Simon Cowells teeth. It was hilarious , if she hangs it the bar she will have more custom it would drive you to drink!

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Corrie, Liz & Vernon's wedding Photo

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