The Queen and the Hello wedding

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AB Asks | 11:03 Fri 23rd May 2008 | Media & TV
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Last weekend Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly got married. It was a royal wedding which the Queen attended. The couple pocketed �500,000 for selling the photographic rights to celebrity magazine Hello. The photos contained Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry as well as Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton. What do you think? Was it right for them to sell the rights? Or do you not know what the fuss is all about?


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Not something I would do myself but each to their own.

I guess the magazine thought readers were interested before they were prepared to pay that amount.
so if they sold the rights how come the pictures were in the sunday papers??
Don�t know what all the fuss is about, who cares if they were annoyed that they weren�t told photos would be taken, they�re in the blinking papers all the time and I bet they don�t tell them. The Queen knew anyway and she didn�t seem too fussed.
I don�t know what the fuss is about. I was at the wedding and took some polaroids myself, there is even one the wife took of me and Her Maj doing some tequila slammers together. She defeated me 10 to 4.

Surely its only an issue to those who have spent money buying the nonsense that is �Hello� magazine and found the pictures are not as exclusive as wot they fought they woz?
how much for yours oct?
I can do you a black and white photocopy for 15 pence.
I'll give you 13p
A5 ok then?
might be a bit grainy.
yer ok send it first class though, got to get it in before sundays News of the world goes to print
Oh that didn't include p&p, I assumed cash on collection.
fine do it your way
I usually do.
-- answer removed --
As far as I am concerned Hello or Ok can fund the whole lot of them - think of what we will save on the civil list then
I get the feeling the family thought if a magazine was daft enough to stump up that much money, good luck to them. Having said that, i have just bought it and read it - what a fuss about nothing. There was nothing much worth looking at.

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The Queen and the Hello wedding

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