anyone remember any funny and famous tv mess ups?

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nix-j-c | 22:10 Sat 17th May 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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at school i'm making a spoof/ satirical video of an xfactor type competition and to make it funnier we're trying to think of famous tv mess ups that we could interprit into the video.

so far we are calling the presenter terri (female) and she is going to announce the wrong person then someone that looks like they are from back stage will run on and wisper into terris ear that she has got it wrong and theright person is anounced the winner? (remember terry ***** announcing the wrong person as eurovision representative when it werent them?)

is there any other realy famous and realy funny tv messups that we could use ??? t.i.a. nix-j-c


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The most toe curlingly bad piece of live tv has to be the 1989 Brit awards featuring Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox. If you can find a video online it's worth watching as to how not to present a live awards show. More from Wiki

Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood (1989)
In 1989, in an attempt to add some excitement and appeal to the proceedings organisers decided to rename the awards to 'The BRIT Awards' presented by Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood and former page three girl Samantha Fox as co-hosts of the live show. The inexperience of the hosts, an ineffective autocue and poor preparation combined to create a shambolic performance. The hosts continually got their lines mixed up, a pre-recorded message from Michael Jackson was never broadcast and several star guests arrived late.

The Samantha Fox/Mick Fleetwood show proved to be the single most important event in BPI/BRIT Awards history. It was just so disastrous that the British public's interest was revived and the BRITs became associated with risky live TV.

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thanx but if i keep 4getting my lines it mite seem more rubbish than satirical but thanx 4 trying
x factor type ,perhaps Britains got talent type

make one of your contestants be the woman that shot ping pong balls from a certain orifice on Phoenix nights
your audience will remember that i'm sure
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i'll quikly explain the short film

its gonna b like xfactor except its gonna b a competition 2 find a rockstar. the comp. will b called i wanna b a rockstar and the short film is the results.

we got 5 teachers agreeing to b filmed and they're gonna lipsink the chorus 2 five difrent rocksongs. and u know how in results show they just show a clip of the contestans so we gonna do that and what the judges said about each 1.

and at the end i, the presentor/ camerawoman when im not presenting/ script writer (theres only 4 in r group so we hav 2 lots of things and thats y we got teachers doing a lot of it) will announce the winner but i announce the wrong person then some1 backstage will runn on and tell me thatim wrong and i announce the rite person.
the person who i first said will win is the drama teacher in real life so she's gonna storm off backstage but on her way she grabs a glass of water from the judges table and chucks it over me nd runs over thru the backstage door.

plus if any1 can think of anything else we can add please say

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anyone remember any funny and famous tv mess ups?

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