Amy Winehouse won't face charges over the video of her 'smoking crack'

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AB Asks | 11:15 Fri 16th May 2008 | Media & TV
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A talented young woman with everything to live for, yet she looks more and ravaged as each day passes, she's very skinny and her skin is covered in scabs. She is seen wandering the streets late at night and associates with 'bad boy' Pete Doherty. It is clear she doesn't look after herself and it could be safely assumed that she has drug problems. She has been informed that she won't be charged over a video that was handed to a newspaper then to the police where she was reportedly 'smoking crack'. The case fell apart due to lack of evidence. What do you think? Has her celebrity status got her off with this charge?


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I don't understand what evidence the police had? How is video footage of someone smoking a crack pipe, or foil, or however they do it, proof that what she was doing was illegal? Without catching her in posession they didn't really have anything did they? She coulda been smoking crushed up smarties for all they knew.
Fair point.

Probably not.
Whats the point of charging her with anything. She will probably be dead soon and that hopefully will send the message out.
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Damn this guessing game is not much fun.

I suppose they are full of sugar and chocolate, so it might make her a bit hyperactive. Like my niece, although I don't think she snorts them.
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Nope, the blue ones are allowed back in now - haven't you seen the adverts Zac?

I'd just like to point out that just because she is "skinny" doesn't mean that she uses drugs. Ok, so you don't see many fat junkies around, but some people are naturally slim and it's not fair to label them skinny or that they look like drug users.

Anyway, as for the question, I doubt her celebrity status got her off with the charge in this instance, as has been mentioned I think she would have to be found in possession in order for them to be able to charge her with anything.
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I didn't say she didn't use drugs, but being slim doesn't make you a junkie, just like being overweight doesn't automatically make you a pie addict
her main sin it seems is being female, which so far is not illegal m
Give her a big, fat bag of smack and let her go quietly.........

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Amy Winehouse won't face charges over the video of her 'smoking crack'

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