Two days after leaving rehab is Gazza still on a downfall

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AB Asks | 10:59 Fri 16th May 2008 | Media & TV
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He used to be a national hero, famous for crying on the pitch but still a great footballer. Everyone knew his name. Over the last few years we have seen him go down a slippery slope and it doesn't look like he is coming back. He has been experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol, two days after leaving rehab he was photographed stumbling across a road with a bottle of gin in his bag. He has rejected help from his family and celebrity friends are no longer around. Instead Gazza spends nights in hotel rooms alone. What do you think?


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He was never considered a hero to me, but I hate football and and the over inflater ego's, however, to answer your question, the 'national hero' tag was clearly something that he could not handle very well, a lot of expectation to live up to, he no doubt had so much money he didn't know what to do with it, hence the drink and drugs.

Sorry, I can't feel sorry for him, maybe a little commupence for being a wife beater, eh.

The help is there for him through friends and family or otherwise, if he doesn't want to accept it, then that's his own perogative.
Shouldn't this have been posted under Celebrity Gossip?
Gazza like Tyson is/was in desperate need of a real friend, a true mate who'll tell him when you are being a [email protected] and will be a mate during difficult times. Instead he surrounded himself with hangers on and spongers who'll tell him how great he is but when the going get's tough you won't see there ar5es for dust. His so called "friends" like that jimmy 10 bellies, Chris Evans, Danny Baker and co, where are they now? they just wanted to be drinking buddies in the good times.
I think those with the power in AB ask the most pointless qesutions, but that aside....Gazza....Amy Winehouse....whoever... is in the paper this week looking bedraggled and off their nut and resembling a corpse are just doing what they do. If they don't want to be helped, then let them get on with their self destruction. If they won't be helped what can anyone do?

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Two days after leaving rehab is Gazza still on a downfall

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