Is Britney finally on her way to being back at her best?

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AB Asks | 12:02 Wed 07th May 2008 | Media & TV
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Over recent weeks we have seen her looking more like the old Britney Spears who had top ten hits around the world. She is looking healthier and has now been awarded more time with her sons. What do you think? Is Britney is on her way to recovery after a bad year?


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It won't last.
[email protected] postdog, such a cynic!

There's no reason why she can't turn her life about. If she has the right kind of person (people) behind her, she can bounce back- she's young enough.

I'd like to think that she is coming back to her former glory. Would be nice to see her fully reunited with her sons and then doing what she does best- turning out cracking pop songs.
Couldn't give a monkeys chuff

No sympathy

had it all then "cant cope" and goes mental.

Best days are a long way behind her
Nah, its just the media giving her a bit of a rest and a boost before they knock her off the pedestal/push her over the edge again. The nutty ex pop star who lost her kids routine is soooo last year. So this year she is to be an angelic saint with the voice of a cherub and a crib to make everyone cry tears of happiness.

As said above, next year will be the return media cycle. Back in a caravan in Caister.

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Is Britney finally on her way to being back at her best?

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