A Brit of a drunken mess

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AB Asks | 13:22 Fri 22nd Feb 2008 | Media & TV
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The Brits took place this week which saw some of the world's most loved music artists scoop awards for their talent and hard work. It also saw them get drunk to the point where some couldn't walk. The pictures of the night before showed drunken eyes, falling over and swearing at the cameras. These are people our youth look up to and aspire to. Is this a good example to be setting? Should these celebs be getting wasted in front of the camera so readily? Or are these young people allowed to celebrate like this in the public eye, free from any guilt that an impressionable youngster is watching them and wants to grow up and be just like them?


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Yes absolutely outrageous dontyouknow, they should be banned from living.

Personally when I get drunk and �misbehave� or embarrass myself I always threaten to kill anyone who takes any photographic records. Maybe we should blame the cameramen and press for peddling this outrageous filthy inhuman behaviour, or ban it from being published just so we can protect our wee little sensitivities from the realities of life and growing up.

They got battered and were a bit tiddly. So what.
It's rock&roll what do you expect. If nobody watched it it wouldnt be on - if only the music was as radical!
I kind of agree with you Octavious. It was their night to celebrate. I think the media 'hype' it all up a bit too much. A photograph is just a still moment in time, it can sometimes look more than it is. I'm not saying that some of these 'celebrities' didn't have one too many but I've had pictures taken of me in the past where I've looked a little worse for wear but have actually been completely sober.
Also if the press didn't print these pictures the youth of today wouldn't see them and then,(allegedly) copy them!
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These people can please themselves. If they want to get wasted and show themselves up, so be it - but god forbid my own children should "aspire" to be like them! I encourage individuality & a thirst for knowledge - but not in that way.
Shock, Horror, Young people getting drunk, whatever next, there is no hope

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A Brit of a drunken mess

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