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Bewlay Bros | 19:25 Wed 13th Feb 2008 | Media & TV
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Is it me or is she one of the most over-rated dolly birds in the world.

Also does anybody else find her incredibly irritating, not particularly attractive and find that her head is so far up her arse she sniffs through her colon?

And if it wasn't for her mother, she would probably be working in Walmart or something.


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Dolly bird????
I think is guesting tomorrow on Alan Tichmarch
show 2.30pm put that date in your diary
dolly bird? oh
-- answer removed --
I couldnt agree more bewlay bros!!!!! Never liked her even when i was a little girl and i loved Arthur she ruined it!!!
Just saying the same thing this morning when she was on some breakfast programme , had to turn over.

cugetit what does w.g.a.f. mean? (I've made up a couple of my own!)
who gives a fig, I imagine.

I think she is a very strange woman, a bit loop-de-loo, perhaps the result of substance abuse and pyschiatric problems bought on by a mother who was addicted to prescription drugs, deeply in debt, depressed, and tried several times to kill herself.

Whilst you may consider she has had a priveleged 'Hollywood' life, its not all roses. I blame the parents.
Fair comment.
Thanks for the answer btw.
What was that first performance she gave on Alan Titchmarsh's show? I switched on part way in and I thought she was having a nervous breakdown at first.

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Liza Minelli

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