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Pokey | 11:47 Sat 26th Jan 2008 | Film, Media & TV
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In the early 1990s, Radio 5 as it was (prior to becoming 5 Live) used to run a comedy detective spoof program called 'Mission Investigates' featuring the bizarre adventures of hapless private eye Ed Mission. I can't find details anywhere but would love to get the series on CD.




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Anyone...? Or did I dream it...

'Could this be a mission for Mission?'
You didn't dream it, but seeing as this year-old message is the only thing on Google thrown up for Ed Mission shows it's probably not on CD!

I think buried somewhere I've got a couple of episodes of it on audio tape somewhere (I think one where the ghost of Nostradamus was trying to take over the world, and one with a vampire, though I can't have heard them for over a decade now!), but the quality's probably abysmal.

It reminded me of Gerry Anderson's Dick Spanner series, and I remember it was quite a funny show if you like weak puns and groanworthy jokes(I remember one based on dinosaurs where the professor studying them was called Terry Dactyl and his asssistant was Dinah Shaw)

Anyway, no help to your problem there, but a bit of nostalgia anyway!

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