Short foreign language film to test the buffs out there

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susieq | 19:12 Wed 28th Jul 2004 | Film, Media & TV
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About 5 years ago I watched a beautifully made short foreign language film on CH4 and I�d love for someone to let me know the title of it so I can find out more. I think it�s Polish or Czech. My recollection is the following: A young boy lives with his widowed father and the only way he can feel close to his late mother is to be filmed with her even though it means certain death. He does this by using existing cine camera footage of her boarding (or on) a train and then superimposes his image onto the already shot piece of film, which he does by way of filming himself jumping in front of the train. A poignant, touching gem of a film and I�ll be grateful to anyone who can help me as I�ve tried numerous other avenues to no avail. Thanks.


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I know i am beginning to sound like a broken record, but have you tried asking a film historian? he might be able to help you, maybe you can find one online and email him the same question. good luck, susie
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That hadn't even occured to me and now another idea has just come to mind. I'll look for specialist movie sites and post in their forums (if they have any that is). Thanks for your help much appreciated.

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Short foreign language film to test the buffs out there

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