Ian Beale has a gaylord affair...............

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Bewlay Bros | 20:04 Fri 25th Jan 2008 | Media & TV
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.............with Jane's brother.

Is there any truth in this rumour?


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that brother is way to fit for ian, they are just not suited, bad casting, (beale i mean lol)
...and jane's not Dot?

Every single girl he's pulled - and married! - is waaaaaaay out of his league.

Suppose there's hope for us all....!
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Sgt Howie,

I didn't think much of Laura to be honest.

Now Tamsin Outhwaite was crumpet, one has to admit. And Cindy was OK for a tart.

He's setting up a business with Jane's brother on the web, Ian and he are going to cater for 'Gay' weddings, (A growing business) and a nice little earner they feel.
Laura was stacked though.
what was she sacked for
Ian Beale, gay? Some of us have waited a long time to have our suspicions proved right on this one. ;-)

BTW Whickerman, if he only stuck to girls who were in his league, who would that leave him? Jade Goody, Ruth Kelly and the ginger one from Girls Aloud?
Oops, silly me. I was forgetting Dot Cotton...

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Ian Beale has a gaylord affair...............

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