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Caribeing | 23:11 Thu 24th Jan 2008 | Media & TV
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Just watched channel 4 programme A Boy Called Alex, {Alex Stobbs} music student at Eton who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, what an inspirational film great to think young people like this exist contrast from all the awful things that go in the world


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Hi Mary - asked you on cb what was tv and media - now I know! wasnt it an amazing film - it just goes to show how much you can achieve if you really want to. Alex himself is truly an inspiration and i only hope that the documentary was watched by teenagers.
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I understand what you are saying In a Pickle and I remarked last night how very lucky all those Eton lads were to be getting that wonderful education, and how sad it was that the majority of children would never get that opportunity.

However, Alex did win a scholarship to Eton and Eton paid for his own personal nurse.

I found him truly inspirational and hope he continues to fulfil his ambitions.
Alex is actually on an 100% scholarship from Eton.
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Dear in a pickle.
You obviously didn't notice in the film they drove a P reg Golf. Seem rich to you? In fact if money were the answer don't you think that they would trade everything for getting rid of the CF?
I think the real issue here is the knee jerk 80's social warrior class action emotion when eton is mentioned.
Perception in this case doens NOT match reality.

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A boy called Alex

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