The Catherine Tate Xmas show

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rutineli | 16:25 Sat 12th Jan 2008 | Media & TV
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Unfortunately I missed the TV special from the genius comedienne Catherine Tate, that was broadcast at Christmas.
I have been told that her familiar characters have now been laid to rest and I would very much like to see the final exposure.
Is there any possible way of seeing the show?


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Shouldn't worry - you didn't miss much - she seems to think that using foul language is as good as a joke - sadly it isn't - just boring! Definitely over-rated.
Or, assuming you DO like her, you missed a treat. It was only Lauren (from what I can recall) that bit the dust. As for seeing it - or bits of it - have you tried youtube. That aside, chances are it'll be repeated on opne of the digital channels.
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Androclese, if I had wanted your rather narrow opinion I am pretty sure that I would have managed to include that requirement in my enquiry. Since I did not and you were impolite enough to foist it upon me, I am left in no doubt as to why you fail to appreciate that here is actually another plane of comprehension to be detected beyond the bad language of her sketches and that it is intended to highlight the characteristics of persons who are, I would assess, at your precise ranking of anal challenge and retention.
If you are ever lucky enouygh to qualify for a sense of humour transplant you will no doubt become aware of the sadness of your former standing. Until then do try to pay closer attention to the questions that are actually being asked before you offer an answer.
Its available on dvd.
She is brilliant.

Saying "am I bovvered" over and over again until you are sick of it is so funny.
i do get annoyed at people who complain about things but somehow manage to force themselves to sit the entire way through them.

swearing can be as good as a joke when done properly eg gran and it hasnt done billy connolly any harm.

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The Catherine Tate Xmas show

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