Saturday night live..again?

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bill preston | 10:20 Tue 04th Dec 2007 | Media & TV
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did anybody find this slightly amusing? i tried to watch it but could only manage about a minute each time?

or did i miss the best bits??


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No, I was watching Omid on BBC1. I don�t know whether I find him that funny or not � a bit of a one trick �I�m Iranian� pony � but I watched until I nodded off nonetheless.
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i flicked onto Omid, yeah i see what you mean......... i was unsure whether he was funny or not?

but i remember laughing at something on that show but cant remember what it was?
I started to watch it decided it was total rubbish, changed to Omid, and he was not much better. No doubt someone thought they were fantastic.
i went to bed in a huff as i had finished all the housework and settled down to watch the tv to this load of cr*p
both sides were absolute rubbish

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Saturday night live..again?

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