Edith Bowman is just rubbish!!!

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Emu2005 | 15:30 Thu 22nd Nov 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Listening to Radio 1 and I find Edith Bowman to be one of the most irritating djs ever! Does anyone agree?
Whenever she interviews anyone or speaks to anyone she comes out with an obviously fake laugh and it makes me cringe - and she just sucks up to people it's pathetic. She doesn't seem to know that much about popular culture (but to her credit admits it when she doesn't know stuff). She dedicates half an hour of her shows to movies, this from a woman who once admitted to loving the film white chicks???

Seriously is this the best the bbc have to offer? Don't even get me started on the others, isn't jo wiley a bit past it now to be presenting a radio program aimed at young people? Scott Mills is the only one I really like who I think is genuinely funny, Chris Moyles is ok too but the rest are just awful!

What do people think?


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I agree with you 100% on all of them! :o) I can't ever listen to Edith.
I like Scott Mills and Chris Moyles, I'm not near a radio when Jo Whiley is on so can't comment.
Edith isn't so bad, but when Vernon Kay comes on I have to listen to a cd/another station as he is terrible and shouldn't be allowed near a microphone.
I passed that age a few years ago where you realise that Radio 1 is not for you any more.

I think you have just passed it.

Radio 2 beckons.
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Haha - I have radio 2 programmed into my car stereo but don't like to admit it!!

If I'm too old to be listening to it then I def think the old timers on there (jo & co) are too old to be on it!!
I think you ought to have a petition to get the Rev his own show.

I would be entertaining even if I played rubbish lol
I'm with mattie on Vernon, Emu you are not alone: dio/Question462438.html
she is to opinionated IMO?

and my god does she drone on.......... and if a listener is on and tells a story, Edith's cat is always blacker!!!
Chris Moyles and Scott Mills are ok, Moyles can get a bit random though and I often fall back asleep when I'm listening to his show in the morning. John Peel was by far the best DJ ever though.
i have a small problem with scott mills?

i cant take him seriously at all, he is a stand in DJ IMO??

also, when he does "his" phone thing it makes me cringe?

but saying that....i like listening to him??
Oh John Peel, how he is missed.
Radio 1 has been poor since I was "young" (now 21). I have never liked it-same song repeated throughout the day, arrogant, lairy DJs, not my scene at all-give me a local station any day, at least there's some variety!
Leelapops, you must have better local stations than me. All we get on Forth one is adverts interspersed with weans phoning in to request rubbish the latest x-idol/popfactor wannabe. At least 50% of radio 1's tunes are actually decent. Forgot to big up the Big Dog, Tim Westwood. Pure genius!
Dont get me started on Westwood
Ok you got me started... Tim Westwood might be a good dj if I ever listened to him but pimp my ride oh my god, he cant keep his hands still, the clothes he wears don�t suit his age at all. He�s like an old man wearing a baseball cap, its so cringing and whats all the ghetto slang, he�s from bl00dy Lowestoft!!
I could quite easily wrap a baseball bat around westwoods head.

What the f*** is that accent meant to be lol

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Edith Bowman is just rubbish!!!

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