Sophie Anderton loses �100,000 contract over drugs controversy

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AB Asks | 09:56 Tue 20th Nov 2007 | Media & TV
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The model has lost a �100,000 contract after offering sex to an undercover reporter for �10,000. She was reportedly filmed snorting cocaine, even though claiming to have kicked her drug habit. She boasted about herself whilst being filmed wearing next to nothing. What do you think of yet another drug filled supermodel? Should they be banned from working in the public eye completely? Or should we have pity for these deluded women with egos bigger than Everest?


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I want to know why she thought she wouldnt be caught.
Sophie Who?

I know she was on some carp reality programme so what is she famous for?

being thin?

she is the only person i can honestly say i detest!

she is a vile specimen of creature!!
The pictures made me laugh, she was weraing incredibly expensive shoes and just a pair of knickers, but the label was sticking out of them!! It made the pictures look like a benny hill set up!
I don�t have any pity for the girl, and as naff as that video is, isn�t secretly filming somebody in the nude against the law in the UK?
Isn't she some old hasbeen now?
Sophie Anderton is many things but one thing she certainly isn't is a supermodel.
Clearly has tickets on herself if she thinks she's good enough in bed to warrant �10.000!

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Sophie Anderton loses �100,000 contract over drugs controversy

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