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carolegif | 20:25 Sun 28th Oct 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Can anyone believe this series. Mary Tudor (Henry's sister} married to the King of Portugal? Surely this was the King of France, and she did not smother him with a pillow! It is said that she led him a merry dance with parties and lots of sex which finished him off. She was in love with Charles Brandon before she set sail for France and Henry knew this. Nothing to do with her looking at him getting undressed on a boat to Portugal!

Let's hope it doesn't get any worse, despite the radiators in the Queen's bedroom and tarmac drives at the palaces.



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expect Henry's "last wife" to be a figment of history's imagination as the king finally "comes out" and marries Kevin Parr.
.... and by that I'm not having a pop at anyone's orientation but at TV companies who often take gross liberties with history in a mistaken belief that stories must be "more relevant" to a 21st century audience.
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The other 'mistake' is that Mary I (Bloddy Mary) has been seen as a small child, when in actual fact she wasn't born until Mary and Brandon had married! Katherine of Aragon and Mary Tudor were pregnant at the same time, after the marriage.

I wait with baited breath for the next episode! I will have to go and see the new film of Elizabeth - at least that was fairly true to the history.

is this a US co-production by any chance?
Mary Tudor was Queen consort to Louis X11 of France. When he died, she then married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Mary thought she was pregnant, but died of stomach cancer, and she was the only child born to Henry V111 & Catherine of Aragon. Some of these period programme researchers are rubbish!
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It really is dreadful the way US companies change history like this. I wonder what they wil do in the future if they make a programme about Iraq!

I noticed the use of the musket and thought muskets came in later. We had cannons and arrows, but no muskets.

Apparently according the the website above, we are in for some more discrepancies!

Ice-Maiden, you're mixing up two Mary Tudors there - one was the other's aunt.
according to my daughter, Henry's first wife was Catherine of Aragorn and her father was called Frodo.
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Your daughter makes more sense than this production!

After seeing the trailers, I just couldn't bring myself to watch this pile of *&^�. For a start, we all know that Henry VIII was ginger. Couldn't they at least have got the casting right?

How can you have a series about the Tudors without Henry VII and why mess about with probably the most interesting period in English history? Nutters. Oh, it makes me mad!

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