name of a film, yellow school bus, kidnapped kids

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ermintrude35 | 21:41 Tue 09th Oct 2007 | Media & TV
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... saw it on tv about 10-14 years ago, based on a true story of some American children kidnapped in a school bus, the bus was buieried inside a building/barn , very upsetting film,think a few , if not all the kids died, probably made for tv....driving me insane thinking of the title....


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Sesame Street?
Was it The chowchilla kidnapping. in california.
Yes it was - I just asked on IMDb
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...thankyou both so much! just looked it up on Wikipedia ifornia#1976_bus_kidnapping ...I was wrong about them dying, looked like they all got out ok.....

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name of a film, yellow school bus, kidnapped kids

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