One foot in the grave

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bodeker | 15:32 Wed 26th Sep 2007 | Media & TV
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Did victor have a son or daughter that died, i'm sure I remember some ref to it in one of the episodes


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i don't believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They did have a son - he is moentioned just one in all the series.

V and M are in bed moaning about bewing unable to sleep, and Victor mentions something about '... dead children ...' and then apolgises. Margaret talks for a little bit about their son - he would be the same age as a friend's son who is an insurance salesman, and she wonders if their son would have gone into the same career path.

It's the one and only time he is mentioned, and it is another fine example of the reality - that comedy and tragedy are a hairsbreadth apart, and if you are skilful enough, you can cross over and back in a matter of minutes.

Pure class.
I remember that episode ~ one second you were laughing, the next feeling so very sad.

As you say andy, it was genius.
I remember it too and i was always unsure of the reference made as to whether it referred to their son or not.

This was a classic sit com, i watch it now on gold and it still makes me laugh out loud. Even if "i dont beleive it" has been done to death (sorry donegal)
however it reminds me of that equally class comedy father Ted when they met him on that trip! superb, im giggling thinking about it! LOL
Crikey yes unruly ~ that was hysterical!!
If I remember correctly it was immidiatly after the dead son conversation that Vicor got up to go to the toilet and put his feet in a couple of dead hedgehogs thinking they were his slippers
My face was sore after all that ROFLMAO
LOL..mine is now!

Margaret's reaction ~ ''Oh no, you stood in that rotting hedgehog!''
here we are, sit back and enjoy! lol
father Ted!
LOL..''I'd say no one ever does that''

so many classic moments from one foot in the grave that i dont think i can chose one above another however, i loved the one where Mrs Warboys had a waxwork of herself and it was in the Meldrews lounge! Also the one when they were on that trip in the car with Mrs warboys!
Mrs Warboys was a great comedic character. Just looking at her pained expressions made me laugh.

I liked the 'TCP' episode.
you know, just sitting here and thinking about these comedies ( men behaving badly just popped into my thoughts too) makes you realise how sad it is that there is nothing like this on our screens now!

I love 3 episodes of men behaving badly in particular, the one where they do the karaoke at the crown, the one where they go away when Debs is with Tony in the caravan and Gary has given up the fags, and the one where they are all bored so they play hide and seek except they don't LOL Love it when Tony finally comes down soaking wet after hiding in the water tank in the loft! Brilliant!
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Thank you Andy, that was the episode i remember watching, very moving.
thanks John, i love that clip with the dog, 4291! LOL

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One foot in the grave

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