hells kitchen USA!!!

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Agent_Smith | 09:52 Tue 25th Sep 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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did any one watch this last night on ITV2?

you can keep your marco's and all the other "celebrity" chefs, gordon ramsey is pure genius!!

much better TV than the UK version!!!


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Gordon Ramsay is the Man!!!

No bull, no cheesy motivational speeches and he is much more pleasing on th eye than MPW.
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not to sure about him being pleasing on the eye but YEAH!!!!!!!
I soo wanted to but HE himself declared a no reality TV zone last night and got the strops. I obvioulsy missed a good one!
Never mind Gordon Ramsay, what about the contestants!!??!! Surely there was some sort of entrance criteria and if so how the heck did Aaron ever get in? It was pure car crash tv and I flippin' loved it! Do we have to wait until next monday for the next episode?
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aaron is just unreal!!!!!!!....why didnt he get chosen for eviction?????

yeah, i did have a look last night when the next show is on and unfortunatley it is weekly!!!!!!!!!!
ive just finished reading gordon ramseys autobiography - humble pie - compelling reading , i recommend it to everyone , i only read it 'cos i love the man , but give it to someone who isn't a fan , and i guarantee they will be converted !!! ramsey rules !!!!
Ramsay i way more delicious than anything he could ever cook!
I love everythn g about him, his attitude is fantastic!

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hells kitchen USA!!!

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