corrie....becky grainger!!

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Agent_Smith | 12:43 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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how good looking is she!!!!!! you would of thought dev would be trying it on by now wouldnt ya??

I mean the bloke goes in for a cup of cofee and bad service everyday and i bet he has got all the ingridients on his shelf at his shop???

i need to get a life dont i!!!!! :�))


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or maybe some glasses...
Serious medical help lol
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your joking aint ya!!!!!................. next time she is on have a look at her body!!......her legs go on for miles!!!!!
I doubt Dev is as fussy as these two ^^^^

Everything he says and does smacks of desperation, so it is more likely that he pops into the caf� for an eyeful of Hayley.
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roy or jamie???

daddy or chips is an easier choice?? lol :�)
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I can't see tyhat Dev would be looking at Becky, who is nothing special, when women like Carla and Michelle around - I'd be trying to keep breathing normally within ten feet of either of them!
I imagine Becky would look nicer out of character and dolled up, she's quite athletic looking. I agree with Andy, Michelle and Carla and much better looking, except sometimes Carla looks a bit like a tranny.
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carla is a no go for me!......... she does look a bit tranny but she looks like very high maintance!

michelle looks great but she is very mardy IMO??

so if you lot dont want her i will go and clean me teeth an get my self up to manchester!!! ;�)
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rosie webster!!............hmm forgot about her!!!
Is she the bird behind the counter at the cafe?
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She does look dirty, bet she wouldn't mind receiving delivers via the "tradesmans" lol
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now thats a thought!!!!!
Agent don't pretend you hadn't thought of it before lol
well at least you won't have to look at her face that way...
She`s (becky) has always been a looker (think one of her first ads on telly was for some kind of cheese)
But recently the new hair`do and the dropping of her chewing spiggy well all I can say is 'ding-dong';)
Agent SMith, I have to agree with you. The woman is naturally incredibly beautiful. As a brunette I am normally fighting the dark haired girls corner but she outshines Carla and Michelle by a country mile, if you took all their slap and fake tan off and (removed Michelles Elvis Presley hair dye) they would not compete with her at all.

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corrie....becky grainger!!

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