Demi Moore speaks out over ageism in Hollywood

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AB Asks | 10:58 Thu 13th Sep 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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Demi Moore has reportedly spent over �200,000 on plastic surgery to make herself look younger. That was four years ago and she has yet to get any of the big money roles, she has now voiced her opinions on the ageism that exists in Hollywood. She said at her age there are limited roles for women; many of them include being someone's mother or wife. What do you think? Should she just accept that this is the industry she has entered and this is what happens when you reach a certain age?


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I'm sure it is very difficult for aging beauties to get work in hollywood but Demi Moore still looks vey good for her age. Perhaps she is not getting parts because she is not very good. What's wrong with playing someone's mother or wife anyway?
Grow old gracfully thats what i say, stop living in denial you cant get any younger can you, my mum looks brill for 53 she has had no surgery and she carries herself with pride.

What wrong with being Demi's age which i cant remeber how old she is but get over it love, maybe as Tiny said her acting skills are lacking, there is notihing wrong playing someones mother etc., does she expect to get a role as a high school teeny booper or something?
She should`ve quit after Ghost...then we`d never have known what a terrible actress she is
Burger me what parts does she think she's going to offered?


A 16 year old high school kid?

How stupid is she lol when you get older you play different parts anyway she couldn't act for tuppence when she was young
She's a [email protected] actress thats why she's not getting any parts...take a look at that Charlie angles filim...I'm flinching now.

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Demi Moore speaks out over ageism in Hollywood

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