What would you ask Tarantino?

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Peppermint | 13:53 Sun 09th Sep 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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We are off to see Tarantino's latest film Death Proof tomorrow at the Duke of Yorks in Brighton, afterwards there is a satellite linked question and answers session with the man himself.

Are there any Tarantino fans out there that can tell me what would be the one burning question that they would ask if given the chance? We seem to just keep coming back to the foot fetish thing and would appreciate some fresh thinking!


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Hope I'm not too late with this. I would love to know how he chooses the soundtrack to his films? Some of the music/songs he uses are soooooooo good.
I;d like to know why he hasnt been sectioned yet. I love his films but he must have some messed up head to even think of what he does
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Many thanks Haggisdj and 4gottenabout,

Although you were both a little late it wouldnt have mattered anyway. I was rather dissapointed to find that out of the 12 cinemas that were linked last night it was only the Ritz in Brixton that got to meet the man himself - most of the questions were pretty typical but the man didnt dissapoint and was as funny and enthusiastic as usual - giving each audience member who said hi a genuine greeting and answer. Somebody did ask how he chose his soundtracks and they all come from his own personal collection - he stated that as the story evolves in his head the song just pops up too. Do not miss "Death Proof" it is pure genius and the music is at its very best although Tarantino fans may be the only ones to appreciate its 70's grindhouse style.

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