Dumped (garbage)

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Reverandfunk | 11:46 Wed 05th Sep 2007 | Media & TV
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I find it really believable that the "model" (for shrapnel) was able to build a sauna when she had never made anything before.

That bloke pretending he had made a solar powered shower.

How stupid do the makers of these programmes think people are????


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its all a ploy to make us think we can use our rubbish. tonight I'm making a a room in my house into a cinema using some old cardboard boxes, banana skins and some tin cans
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I am building a conservatory out of some rice krispies, some white stuff that looks like glue, a bit of old string and a pile of old dog plop.
ah well if you bought those crispie square things that will make it easier
Rice crispie squares will save alot of time. Yes I'm in the dungeon again. made it myself out of potato peelings and tampons :-)
if that white stuff that looks glue is actually what i think it is, then will need to contact the planning dept of the local authority to check that is a suitable substance to be used in such a way.
I am talking from experience here as i have just constructed 4 new 5 bed detached houses made out stuff that i find in my neighbours recycling bin every second wednesday, for example, old cider bottles, baked bean tins and margarine tubs, yes i have had the same problems as those people on the dump i.e- leeky roof etc. but fixed it with the labels off the jam jars my neighbour throws away, i have told him how useful the things are that hes throwing away and have also shown him my new housing project but to no avail, he still throws all this useful stuff away, mad!!!

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Dumped (garbage)

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