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Reverandfunk | 11:01 Thu 23rd Aug 2007 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch her last night?

Made my blood boil


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yes I did on me old black and white :-) Well I Watched end bit of it. She was so right and I loved it when that bloke when up to the man with 17 kids and started saying we're paying for you to live. That man was so obnoxious and rude to anne. When he said its non of your business she should have said its everybodies business we pay your way!!! And them girls in pub, 'we dont want to work in a factory and we need experience and qualifications for the othere jobs' Well maybe you should have stayed at school!! I tell you I was screaming at my tv.
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It was sickening. Blokes like that should be shot.

I wonder if he will have his benefits reviewed.
i thought that if you leave a job you dont get certaijn benefits for a period of time, surely his must have been reduced, he was just a lazy git, he had no intention of working,
It was a truly excellent programm, the problem is, he isn't the only one.
Lets end the benefit culture, I'm sick of paying for it and let's bring in workfare, maybe then they'd get off their lazy ar**s. I know there is a right to choose but 17 kids, blimey.
a wife a mistress and 17 kids in a 3 bed house, i think we all know whats coming next dont we
What annoys me is I work and struggle just to get the necessitys in life. Whereas some people I know that have 5 children, on benefits have money to chuck around on playstations, plasma tv�s etc.
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Monty - Totally agree.

If you are on benefits you should have to do at least a days work in the community, and after 5 kids you should get no child benefit, having said that I don't see why we should anyone child benefit.
Anyone fancy living next door to that lot? Especially in a few years time when the kids become teenagers.
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Heaven help them when he has a karaoke night lol

COme on we need people like this or we won't have anyone for the armed forces in 10 years.

Live and let live.
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Live and let live? i've heard it all now lol
live and let live, yes.....but pay for it no.

you only have to look at the size of their tv, to see how they spend their �46,000 per year.

I have two degrees, work full time and only have one child because I can't afford another. I don't make that sort of money, yet.
i didn't actually see it! lol
right get out earsugar. points finger towards door
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I never used to like Anne Widdecombe but fair play to her.
Anne Widdecombe for PM!
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At least she wouldn't pussyfoot about lol
what side/program was it?
I never used to be able to stand her but i have to say shes grown on me over the years. I think it was when she said about keeping asylum seekers locked up in a secure place, so they couldnt just skip if they didnt get in that she started to make sense to me. If you are coming from a place where you are truley in fear of your life then being locked up while its verified (whilst getting fed and educated) surely is no hardship?
Im going.

But before I go can I say that Anne Widdecombe looks like a character from the corpse bride and should not be allowed on TV.
She has grown on me too, bednobs.

She talks as if the subjects aren't rocket science, and let's face it they aren't!

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