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Reverandfunk | 11:01 Thu 23rd Aug 2007 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch her last night?

Made my blood boil


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It was on central at 10pm its a series. She looked at prostitutes the week before.

Don't get me started on Asylum seekers lol, "we were so scared to be in our own country we have crossed europe and travelled through 6 safe countries to reach yours"

I wonder why.

the way she flutters her eyelids while having her face on one side while talking irritates the hell out of me, , and if i could have her as pm without all those other numpties in her party i might just be persuaded to vote for her!
if it was on central, it explains why i didnt see it
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I have no political allegience and don't usually vote, but i would for her.
It was on ITV.
she looks into truancy next week. I missed the prostitute one was that any good?
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Prostitute one was ok but basically just junkies saying yes ill quit only to be back on the street the next day.
I didn't watch the program because I knew it would get me angry. It makes me sick to know that my taxes go towards paying for these people including asylum seekers. Iv'e been working since I was 17 and I have never claimed any kind of benefit. Why should I or anyone else have to pay for someone who can't be bothered to use contreception!
Does anybody know when it is repeated?
its not I checked radio times
good on all of you. I didn't watch this by like tiger and probably most of you have worked from a young age ,16. now have a good job but money pants, have a mortgage never claimed benefits have 2 nearly 3 children and never have any money left at the end of the month for a treat for the kids. I am fed up with paying for useless t**ts that wont get off there ar** and pay for their responsibilities. Everyone I know that is on benefits are better off than me big tv nice clothes etc. One of my friends came off benefits to go to work and she is so much worse off she had to sell her car coz she couldn't afford to run it on her wages. HHHHHEeeeellllllooooo something wrong here!!!!!!
earsugar you are obviously messing around because i cant for the life of me imagine someone being in agreement with idiots like him, unless of course you are in the same situation??
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His answer to it was procreation.

Aren't there already 6 billion people in the world, hardly going to become extinct are we.

More evidence of the underclass.

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