Grenadier Guards

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Reverandfunk | 16:16 Wed 18th Jul 2007 | Media & TV
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I watched the programme on them last night and whilst I have the utmost admiration for anyone in our armed forces, what on earth was it with the officers??

Talk about an upper class gentlemans club and Porky the Pig going out to Afghanistan, I just hope he doesn't have to chase anyone....


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all the "Household" Regiments such as the Cavalry and Guards Regiments are considered to be "fashionable" regiments as opposed to normal Infantry units such as the Light Infantry or the Royal Anglians, and still to this day recruit their officers from the so called "upper classes". I came across many many of these chinless wonders during my service,
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Fair play to you John, the dining area looked like something out of the Savoy.

I know who I'd want next to me if things got a bit dodgy and it wouldn't be Cyril Smith lol
that's just a normal offices Mess, it was pretty much the same in the Sgt's Mess but a lot harder to get in to
i managed to get into the sgts mess john,be it only for a while,until i got demoted for being naughty.
really? what did you do norman?

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Grenadier Guards

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