Corrie - what's going on! De-ja-vous

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eleanswers | 20:40 Sun 01st Jul 2007 | Media & TV
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Friday's episode a walk on extra, did that little bit extra.
Today Sunday's episode. They inserted a clip that had been on a previous episode.

When Steve is sat admiring an ashtray "Soon be obsolete, a thing of be-auty" then his moms fells (the lazy one) replies "Try telling that to them on a cancer ward" !!!

Did anyone else notice, I'm sure it's not de-ja-vous!


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Anyone else seen this post already!?
You saw that clip on another programme in the week - was it GMTV or something like that?

Question Author
No I don't watch any other TV except Corrie.
Think about it, it was Sundays episode (the day of the smoking ban) out back of the Rovers there was a congregation of people smoking outside. There wouldn't have been an ashtray on the table for Steve to pick up!!!
This scene was used in either Wednesdays or Fridays epidsode. They must have been a minute short of footage so edited that in. I remember it. I'm not imagine it, it really happend. Maybe I notice these things more because I have a tv production background, but it was blatent, even the blind would have heard the same script lines..
you mean you pay all that money in licence fee just to watch corrie?? thats a shame!!
Question Author
What kind of comment is that???
There isn't just me in the household!!!!
without being pay the licence fee for the BBC.

trust me............its better coming from me than the AB users who no big words!! :�))
well i obviously lead a boring life cos althought their is more than me in my house i watch more than soaps so please tell me what else you do to fill your time
rugelyboy regardless of whether you only pay for the licence for the bbc or not it still has to be paid, whether you only watch itv or not
gin33................yes your right and i apologise!
accepted lol
Question Author
Well I see another question has been hijacked & turned into another topic completely!!!
Licence Fee??? what's that about??? The question is about Corrie!
To ask what else I do to fill my time other than watch soap (s) is very personal. And you presume I watch soap(s). I clearly stated above I only watch corrie, that is singular. One soap..
I have to say it's the people who have nothing better to do than watch TV that's the worry!!
i never mentioned you watched soaps, i said i watched soaps, so please before you have a go, read the question correctly
and just because i watch tv doesnt turn me into jack the ripper

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Corrie - what's going on! De-ja-vous

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