A touch of Frost last nights episode

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gerry | 18:57 Mon 23rd Feb 2004 | Media & TV
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I wonder if anyone can help me out here.I missed the last 30 mins of last nights 'A Touch of Frost' i got up to the bit the husband who was found dead in the car was lying on the slab and his wife was there.Can anyone update me what happened after that.Did anyone by any chance tape it?.


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Didn't tape it - was pretty pants. Bloke did not commit suicude but was killed by same man who killed the young girl. She was killed by the chap she was seen with early on taking thru a load of polish girls. He killed her as she wanted a bigger cut of the immigaration money and wouldn't give him back the false passports. Red haired bloke suicde was staged by him so police would think they'd found theior man and close the case. Chap who own the lap-dancing bar (formerly in the Office), didn't know that his partner had killed the girl and co-operated with the police in setting him up at the Dog track whilst wearing a wire. The murderer cottons on, and shoots Nightclub owner, then threatens Frost and the public generally with gun. Place is crawling with police marksmen but Frost orders them to hold file and surreptiously presses button which operates dog traps (unbelievably) knocking over villain. Oh and looks like Frost may have pulled bird from teh gym .. (as if!)

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A touch of Frost last nights episode

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