TV war drama featuring nazi collaborators

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Peppermint | 18:29 Mon 07th May 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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This is slim pickings I know but are there any TV buffs out there who can recall the name of this late 70s/ early 80s TV drama which I can only describe as a serious"Allo Allo". There is an english white haired actor envolved the like of Frank Finley although not necessarily him and one episode envolved the parading of shaven haired french women nazi collaborators! A gold star to anyone who has a clue of what this show may be called.


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Secret Army
Secret Army. The white-haired actor was Bernard Hepton. This series partly inspired Allo Allo, seriously. Where's my Gold Star?
Bernard Hepton did not have white hair during the filming of Secret Army, although Clifford Rose (Kessler) did.

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My sister-in-law and I were delving through the cob-webs of our minds this bank holiday and although the few glasses of wine imbibed over dinner have left us fuzzy minded we are sure that you are our TV query hero and thus we award you with the virtual "Golden Star" - here take it and enjoy!

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TV war drama featuring nazi collaborators

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