How rubbish is most haunted???

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Reverandfunk | 15:23 Tue 24th Apr 2007 | Media & TV
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Have they ever actually seen a ghost (and recorded it) or is it all Derek feeling a "presence" and twigs snapping in the woods at night?


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do you watch it?
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I had the misfortune to suffer about 20 mins of it the other night and I think all that had happened up until was they had let a lot of dry ice off and told you number to ring if you believed in ghosts.

Colin Fry on the other hand I like lol.
have seen about 2 episodes myself and if there was something there they'd get more proof. I guess people believe what they want to beleive.
even if they ever did get something on film would anyone believe it? after all, sounds, film etc can all be faked and so can peoples stories
I think theyve caught a few things on film but nothing that can ever be proved.
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I think if it was on film and close up I may believe it, it just seem to me it was the presenters getting scared in the dark, Derek going on about presences when he could have read up on the place before he got there and mice farting in a pub cellar...
Who can forget the "Mary loves dick" incident?
I think you're referring to the 'live' (or 'almost live') version of the programme, which is pretty poor, but the main programme does have some good moments!

As for Derek, he was allegedly sacked for being a fake.
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All it seems to be is the odd noise (ten odd people in the room could be anyone) and little flashes of light so in my humble opinion a load of old cobblers. And I suppose Derek wouldn't read up on a place beforehand would he.....
I did see it once when I snooker ball flew across the room, and a TV switched on and off by itself
Actually you should watch this... 7920989087401&q=most+farted

The best explanation ever...
I've seen Derek Acorah live and he is a complete fraud! I would never watch him again

I've seen Colin Fry three times though and he is very believable. I won't say its all true unless he gives me a reading though
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Hi Shiney, what makes you say Derek is a complete fraud? I think he is but would welcome your reasons lol
There was that occasion when Derek overheard some crew talking about Richard The Lionheart, a wardrobe and a witch. Derek went online and made contact with...the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I bet the crew were laughing at that one.

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How rubbish is most haunted???

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