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claguey | 20:22 Tue 10th Apr 2007 | Media & TV
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Did anyone else feel a longing for the good old days when all you had to worry about was answered on the Cathy & Claire page? I remembered a fasion tip to make my flared jeans flare even more by cutting up the outside seam and inserting a V shaped piece of material, great -except both legs were odd when I'd finished! Then there were the make up tips I followed to plck my eyebrows. I pulled one hair it hurt so much and made my eyes water that I 've never tried it again to this day! Good job my eyebrows aren't bushy! The problem pages were so innocent especially when you compare them to today's teen mags - far too explicit. Bit worried that I might have passed up Mr Right based on his nose or shoes when I heard the Editor say they used to make it all up! Good fun to watch and lots of happy memories.


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I bought the Annual that they brought out last year, and it really took me back in time, hand drawn fashion pages etc.. was this programme on last night? cos if it was i bl**dy well missed it!!Grrr x
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Yes, sorry curlyperm. Maybe it'll be shown again on BBC3 or something? Come to think of it, it was the best bit of TV over the Easter hols - rest of it was rubbish and mostly repeats! Typical best programmes on are about the 70's like Life on Mars.
I only caught the last 10 mins of the programme last night..and I got so nostalgic I cried. Aint I daft?

To be honest I didn't realise Jackie was going for so long..I started reading it in 1979 when I was 11 years old ~ soon after I chucked in my subscription to 'Cheeky' comic! I also read 'My Guy' and 'Blue Jeans'.

I now want to see if I can find a recording of the programme they were talking about..the two Jackies? that looked cool ;o)
I say bring back the 'Bunty'
aww those cut-out dolls and clothes on the back page (that never stood up) heheheheh
I remember one of those comics I used to get weekly ~ it was called 'Twinkle' and I had to stick the doll onto the back of a cornflake packet.

In our house we had lots of cereals in the cupboard stored in just their plastic bags as I used up all the boxes!

Halcyon days :o)

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