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Cennet | 19:47 Thu 15th Mar 2007 | Film, Media & TV
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I watched an episode of the above a few weeks ago and I thought it was the first episode of the new series - a two parter. It was the episode which started with the team on their holidays and they each received a strange item in the post.

It hasnt been on 5 since then so I suspect it was the last episode of the series instead of the first

Anyone know what is going on please?


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You have either seen the last episode of series one or the first episode of series two which concluded the two parter.The second series has just started on Living
The second series which concludes the two part episode did start on living a couple of weeks ago.
The one you saw on five was definitely the last one in the first series. It ends with the female on the scene being confronted by a man with a gun.
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Thanks everyone for making the effort to answer - I thought that was what had happened

I dont have Living tv so will have to wait for the new series. I have put the box set on my wish list for mothers day but doubt if I will get it

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