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aceizace | 17:30 Wed 01st Oct 2003 | Film, Media & TV
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Hey, i am a big fan of anime and don't like paying �100+ plus for a season on dvd. Therefore i resort to the cheap options on ebay etc, i hear from one of the sellers that they are unoffical dvds from taiwan. My first question is are these dvds actually legal or do they break thousands of copy-right laws? and the second is where can i do to get them directly, ie not from an ebay seller (hoping for a slightly cheaper price!). All you who worry about people who make the real things not getting what they deserve dont worry, wen i'm older, have a job and i'm stinking rich i'll buy all the anime on real �100 dvd packs :-P


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AFAIK, these are indeed theoretically illegal, but have a suspicion that some countries are not signed up to the international copyright laws. Cheaper places, I can't help with, but suggest you try searching on "anime forum" or something similar, as there are numerous forums dedicated to the form, so you should be able to find someone who can advise. As for the morality, I think you'll find that when you do have money, you'll find that you will have plenty of other things you want to buy, so replacing your knock-offs with legit copies will be way down the priority list.
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Taiwan anime

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