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Surreygirl30 | 10:50 Fri 05th Jan 2007 | Media & TV
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Can someone answer this - as I think I am going mad ha ha. The other night a show called Strike it Rich was on and it was exactly the same as Strike it Lucky � with Barrymore and the same game/set etc. How comes it was called strike it rich and not lucky? I assume it was nearer the end of Barrymore's games show host career as he was looking a lot older etc�. can anyone shed any light on this? :-) thanks


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hi, strike it lucky was on the air for a lot of years and was then dropped. They came back a while later with the same format and host but different tittle to try and attract new viewers thinking it was a different show!
Taken from the UKGameshows website: _Page

"The show changed name to Strike it Rich in 1996 because the TV company who had the rights to the name Strike it Lucky refused to give them over to their rivals when the show changed production company from Thames to LWT."
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Many thanks for both of your replies - phew i thought i was going mad and strike it lucky had been a figment of my imagination ha ha.

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Strike it Rich / Strike it Lucky

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