Stockard Channing film & Shawn Colvin Soundtrack!

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Nelli | 10:15 Thu 31st Jul 2003 | Film, Media & TV
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There is a film with Stockard Channing in it where she's going to Reno for a 'quick' divorce, the title music is by Shawn Colvin but I would like to know the title of the song. The title of the film is something like Desert Rose, Bloom but can't find any reference to it on not even under Stockard's name. The basic plot is Stockard is getting a divorce in Reno, while she's there she befriends another woman, (who turns out to be getting married to Stockard's ex-husband). While she's there she meets a man, he tells her this sad story about how he lost his dog 'Shep', which she then finds out was an Elvis song. Anyone know the title of the film and the title of the Shawn Colvin song?


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I think the film was "Edie and Pen" (known as "Desert Gamble" in the UK). I'm afraid that my searches only turned up references to Shawn Colvin having contributed songs to the soundtrack, but without listing which songs.
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Thats the baby!! God knows where I got rose and bloom from. All I can remember is that the words to the song mentioned 'my morning' or something about the 'morning'. I know that this is a real long shot but does anyone recognise these words?
There ARE films called "Desert Rose" (and "erotic thriller" - no doubt soon to be on 5 or Bravo late night) and "Desert Bloom" (1950's kid growing up in the shadow of the atom bomb with Jon Voight)! Found a site that says that SC contributed two songs to the OST: a cover of "Sail Across the Water", which I found the lyrics for, but doesn't seem to be the song
, and "(The) Fall of Rome" which I can't find lyrics for. The latter track doesn't seem to be easily available, though (only as a bonus track or on Japanese imports from what I could see) - so that seems a possibility.
I found *cough* someone who had a copy of "Fall of Rome". It includes the lyric "For Rome it has fallen/Morning has begun", and is primarily played on an acoustic guitar, with a bit of percussion (sounds like someone slapping the guitar?), there's a bit of steel and bass guitar at times, and a tiny tinkle of piano towards the end of the track. The vocal is mainly solo, though there is a bit of male(?) counterpoint towards the end. Hope this helps!
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Thanks LeMarchand, that certainly does sound like it, the other song, when reading the lyrics, that seems familiar is Wichita Skyline. I've tried to find tracks that were around in 1986 (when the film was released). Interestingly the film is only available to buy in America (as Edie and Pen) you can't seem to buy it over here. Thanks for all your help. :-)

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Stockard Channing film & Shawn Colvin Soundtrack!

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