Does Noel Edmonds wear a wig?

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Ant | 17:51 Mon 20th Nov 2006 | Media & TV
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Someone told me he did!


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NO, how very dare you, lol Noel has lovely hair!
Haha, no, though it does look more bouffant on some occasions more than others. Hair to be proud of!!
Nope, just silly jumpers
If he does he needs his money back
I hate Noel Edmonds. Can we get the rumour going regardless of whether he does or not.

While we're digging the dirt on him does anyone remember that when he wanted to turn Cricket St Thomas wildlife park into blobby world, the elephants were in the way.

Solution - he had them put down!
He ruined Cricket St. Thomas! Who wants to go to Blobby World, full of pink and yellow spots?! Didn't know about the elephants though, though I was only small when it got took over.

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Does Noel Edmonds wear a wig?

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