Late 80s/ early 90s childrens horror-drama that used to be on CBBC

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timb | 01:16 Sun 22nd Oct 2006 | Media & TV
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The one that had kids hiding behind the sofa, Andi Peters used to be in the CBBC broom cupboard, he had to stress every time that it was just a TV programme. Oh, what was it called?


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Hi timb
Not entirely sure if this is what you are thinking of but there used to be a prog called "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" It was about a group of kids called 'The Midnight Society' who used to meet up in the woods, sit around a fire and take turns to tell a spooky story which was acted out as the main part of the show.

Personally I think watching Andi Peters in that broom cupboard was scarey enough for me!

=0) twaflooers
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Thank you Twaflooers,

I remember AYAOTD well, there some some scary ones... the one with the guy that could never fall asleep because the dead would come out of the sea and come after him, the one with the guy that used to rip blood bags from dying children in hospitals.

Unfortunately though, this program was on before the days of AYAOTD. It only lasted one series if I remember....
A little more about the actual programme might help.
Is the programme called Goosebumps?
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Um... no. This was long before the days of Goosebumps. Goosebumps was mid-nineties. Sadly, I remember little about it other than the fact that it existed. And it was more of a drama than a horror, but it was scary. Think childrens drama directed by David Lynch, circa 1990.
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Got it...

It was called 'Century Falls'. It was about a young girl who moves with her mother to an idyllic village where the residents conjured up a demon forty years earlier and are about to do so again. It was very dark, very intelligent and very scary, dealt with tricky subjects like infant death and xenophobia. Turns out Russel T Davies wrote it.

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Late 80s/ early 90s childrens horror-drama that used to be on CBBC

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