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Cennet | 16:58 Sat 30th Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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As usual I fell asleep post 2200 and missed the last 20 minutes of Rebus. I woke up at the point where he was torching his car

Could anyone tell me what happened please?


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Me too - I keep missing the end of programmes, so I hope someone answers your post !
The woman that Rebus fancied was murdered and at the end it turned out to be her that covered up a story where the firm that was going to operate in Edinburgh had an accident that killed lots of people in Africa She was going to tell the truth and she was murdered before she could say anything. The deputy Chief Constable was involved in the company and he tried to say to the woman who is Rebus's boss not to interfere because if she did she would not get promotion etc well she did not like that and after telling Rebus's girl assistant (not sure of the names of anyone) to stop investigating the case for Rebus she then turned around and told her to help him. Hamell the boss of the company was the man that murdered Rebus's woman, the man who was his driver told Rebus after Rebus thought it was him. Rebus went to a function where they all were and arrested Hamell. It then showed him breaking down and torching his car and calling to report it missing.

Hope this makes sense
thanks for that jennymac !
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Thanks for that Jennymac

I too am hopeless with peoples names in programmes. Always wonder how other people remember them

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Rebus 29/9

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