East Enders - complaints?

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smurfchops | 12:20 Fri 29th Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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I heard on LBC last night that there were a lot of complaints about last night's East Enders (Thursday 28th). What was the problem??


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What apart from it being a pile of sh**!!!
I guess I can see why some people would complain. Showing a father trying to kill his daughter!! But most people hopefully remember it's just a soap!!!

Although i can see how it may have been disturbing, if you think about the amount of kids still up at 7.30/8.00pm.

Yer I think some people were a bit sickened by him trying to gas her. I was more shocked by her hair.
lol 4getmenot.

i thought it was horrible seeing him pull her body from the lake and seeing his body floating on the water...
LOL @ 4getmenot!!!
4getmenot you just made me spit my apple out!!!
ha ha ha 4getmenot i was the same .....
that hair was way out of control and instead of worrying about her getting gassed i worried more about her need for straightners :-)
I feel like Carrie 'They're all laughing at me, they're all laughing at me' :-0
4getmenot! That was not funny!!!!!!

I beg to differ, still chuckling to myself now...workmates think i'm a bit mad.
Does it get on anyone else's nerves when the mum calls the girl Squiggle?
it gets on my nerves !!
why does she call her t haT?!
because thats what big sis said she looked like when the Denise showed her the scan
i think its a silly name and her hair is v silly! but the dad trying to drown himself? correct me if im wrong but im sure i heard that its impossible to drown urself cos of human reflex?
It is perfectly possible to drown yourself. The human reflex is based on a natural instinct to survive, but if a person is desparate enough to die, they can over-ride this reflex, and drown themselves deliberately.
Yes, the attempted suicide by gassing and trying to drown his daughter I thought were worthy of compleaint, as was the BIG hair.

Amazing how they got the cop wagon out into the forest with one copper having a look and then giving up, only for the mum to find the exact spot ... ages later. Utter crap.

I think I heard someone on Eastenders say b'stard last week, which is even banned by AB after hours. Whatever next?
It was Freds Mrs in corrie who said the B word, EE just gets better every day wheras corrie always strings em out.
Also dont you think that squiggle looks like John Tickle from Brainiac?
I think the unruly hair was to make it easy to do bits with a stunt double without us noticing the difference.
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Well at least I know what happened. I never watch it, it is a load of c**p, I agree, I haven't watched it for years, give me Corrie every day, at least you can have a laugh. I don't even know the people in it but at least I know why they complained. Thanks all ! And you can carry on the debate ...

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East Enders - complaints?

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