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BrainMonkeys | 19:30 Thu 21st Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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This is more an observation than a question. I think that Third Watch is wasted on a day time schedule. It is, in my opinion, one of the best American dramas being shown at the moment, and easily on a par with your CSI's and Law And Order series, and to be shown at lunchtime rather than a later, evening time is just wasteful.

It is wonderfully written and acted, with often frighteningly realistic scenes. It's also set in post-9/11 New York so that is an undercurrent theme of the series, but never overly so. I hope the powers-that-be at C4 noticed they've got a good series here and show it at a more decent time. And I ionly hope it comes out on DVD too, if it hasn't already.

Anybody else share these thoughts?


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I agree entirely. I watched the first series, which I think was on Sky One, and then it disappeared. I recently noticed it had re-appeared on Channel 4 at lunchtime - surely one of their worst slots. I have tried to watch a few but it is such a bad time I keep forgetting. The ones I watched were still of a very high standard.
It has been all over the schedules and that is annoying as it is very good, we have the first series on DVD here too.
The current run on C4 is the second time it has been repeated in a daytime slot.

I presume it is as heavily censored in this daytime incarnation as the previous repeat was. That version was cut to hell compared to the original late-night showing when first aired on C4.

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i totally agree. but as you say it is on at the wrong time.
definately should be in the evening - especially when you see some of the drivel that they put on!!
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Cheers kempie...that is soooo tempting! Region 0 too!

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