Wild Palms (mid 90s US tv series)

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kick3m0n | 11:30 Mon 18th Sep 2006 | Media & TV
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Was it real or was it mimecom??


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lol, thanks Tom......actually just posted this to see if anyone responded at all. I watched this series when it was on UK tv years ago, but in all the time since, I've maybe only met one or two people who have ever seen it. Wondered if anyone in the big wide AB world would even know about it. Did you? or did you Google?
Thanks for the link anyway...might order it on DVD :o)
I think I only lasted 1 ep, wasn't it something to do with Oliver Stone, and featured Kim Cattrall? I've got a vague memory of her lounging next to a swimming pool.

I seem to recall the luscious Dana Delaney being in it too. It felt a bit like a Twin Peaks knock-off to me, but I can't remember if it predated TPs (which I also didn't like).

Going to have to IMDB it now.
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hi there, how are you? :o) - why am I not surprised you saw it?? Yeah, it was post TP, and was in many respects likened to it, tho the storyline was entirely different. I really liked it, big James Belushi fan at the time, which helped, tho it was a bit weird-for-weirds sake at times.
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p.s. final straw....I loved Twin Peaks ;op
I'm fine thanks kick, snowed at work but it's all good. Students returning en masse, I've been helping get them registered, on top of my usual duties, but I like a bit of student contact as I don't normally get to work with them (I work at a college). Hope all well with you.

Yes, weird for weird's sake - I certainly thought that about Twin Peaks, and I also think Lynch is a bit Emperor's New Clothes. I'm not sure I saw enough of Wild Palms to conclude the same thing about it. I don't recall Belushi being in it.

We recently re-watched the whole of Murder One, Case 1 on dvd. I don't often go for Bochco's stuff but that was a classy series, one of the best things to come out of US tv.

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Wild Palms (mid 90s US tv series)

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