Kids programme - man in a dog outfit - help!!

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Postdog | 18:00 Sun 17th Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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This has been driving me nuts all day and I've given up trying on my own. I saw something earlier today that reminded me of a kids programme where a man dressed in a dog outfit. Now unlike the Tweenies dog, this was just a cheap and cheerful grey or brown fur suit, which covered everything (maybe not the hands, don't know) except the face, with big floppy ears, and a stuck on nose (maybe with whiskers, again I don't know).

Anyone any ideas?


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Was it Allsorts? Not sure if it is but I can picture who you mean, and that name springs to mind
This depends how far back your thinking of this kids programme.There was a kids show on channel 4 back in 1983 called "Chips Comic".Basically it was a woman,a guy & this guy dressed as a dog very like you described.They also had a kids comic called Chips that came out every week that was to accompany that weeks programme.Here's a link & if you scroll halfway down you will see a picture.
I think you've got it Gerry, that's the dog I'm thinking of. Got the 2 programmes mixed up as Wayne Jackman was in both
I think it could be Allsorts as there was a dog like character like that in it. But there was also a programme on channel 4 when it first started in 1983 about a magazine. it had a dog just like this who would go round reporting. He was called Bingo. The Show had a magazine to go with it. The same name as the magazine but I can't remember what what it was called unless it was Scoop.:-D
Gerry you beat me to it .When I started typing your answer had not appeared but i'm such a slow typer. Anyway that's what I was going on about.:-D
Postdog click on this link and scroll down to see a picture of the dog (Be warned the picture is a bit scary ):-D
I did it again didn't I :-D
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Yeah, that's him - Ta muchly!!!.

I'd have never have got that in a million years... I remember seeing it, but other than that, took no notice.

Oh it's such a nice feeling when a problem is solved.

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Kids programme - man in a dog outfit - help!!

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