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shineybomb | 13:13 Fri 08th Sep 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Thanks to everyone who answered the Friends questions for me, hoping you can help with these ones too...(from one of Gav & Arno's Friends quizzes):

1. Which book was Ross bought by a workmate, which Rachel later praised?
2. What was the name of Rachels beloved dog? Now I know this is Lapoo but none of the spelling variations I have tried work!
3. How much is Joey Portuguese?
4. What did Joey mistake for fruit coulis on his cheesecake?
5. On what date did the show first premiere in the US (DD/MM/YY)?
6. What was the show going to be called originally?
7. In "the one with all the candy", what was the time slot that Monica was serving the sweets?
8. When Mr Heckles kidnapped Ross's monkey, what did he rename him?
9. What was the sequel to Outbreak, in which Marcel was the lead role? I think this is "Outbreak 2 - the virus takes manhattan" but it does not work


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5. Apparantly 22/09/94
1.The Idiot's Guide To Sex.
6. "Friends Like Us"
This might help:

on the left hand side there is a section for trivia...I could spend all day on IMDB!!
Rachel's dog was called Lapoo but I think it would be spelt Le Peu - as in Pepe Le Peu that french cartoon skunk. If I can remember any others, I'll let you know! x
6. ''Across The Hall'' as well as ''Friends Like Us''.

8. ''Patty'' the monkey.

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You are all geniuses! I thought I knew most things about Friends but these ones really stumped me. Thanks everyone, keep the others coming
Heckles called Marcel, BarButtons!

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"Friends" questions

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