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osprey | 12:12 Fri 08th Sep 2006 | Media & TV
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(1) Felt sorry for the man whose product to stop babies slipping was able to be ripped up as the idea is so simple and Peter Jones was ready to invest in it. As soon as he has fixed the problem, which he seemed to be know what it was, he is going to make a fortune. (2) The man at the end who got the backing of Theo and Deborah should have asked Duncan what his sales of alcohol were in his businesses before making up his mind. (3) The 2 women from the building industry were doomed to failure from the opening when one (forgotten her name, sorry) was so full of nerves she could hardly speak. However, when she began to get questioned by the dragons she was so full of herself that she flatly refused to see tanyone's point of view apart from her own. At the end you could see that the dragons were so annoyed at her attitude that there was no way they were going to invest even if their plan was the best in the world. When they were interviewed by Evan Davis afterwards, the woman said that it was the way she was and there was no way she was going to alter. If this is the case then thet are going to find it practically impossible to make a success of any venture as they are going to alienate everyone with that attitude.


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I just cringed at the attitude the woman from the building industry showed. Many times the Dragon's before or after investing mention that they are also investing in the person, not just the idea, so there must be something likeable about them to offer them large amounts of money!

I don't really know anything about individual Dragons' backgrounds, but if I was on the show I'd definitely find out about each of them, and what areas they work in. I understood from last nights show Duncan and Deborah had the most experience in the casino/brewery industry, so I suppose he should have known that and tried to get those two together. But, he got the investment and expertise of two successful business people, so I'm sure he's happy!

I did feel sorry for the baby mat guy as he presented himself well and looked genuinely surprised, but I can't help but thinking he really should of found that out before now, and before he actually started selling the things!

Love the programme, but they use the same format every know it's always going to be the last idea that gets invested in!
fantastic product, but a simple flaw. If you are designing for children's safety then surely the first thing you test is the safety of your product.

I think that really peeved theo more than anyone else.
Aww, I felt so sorry for the baby mat guy, he genuinely looked shocked and dismayed that Theo had managed to rip it. Kind of got the impression that it had been through every test except the 'tearing it apart ' one! Part of me thought, or I supposed was hoping, that Peter might invest anyway, because I'm sure he'll sort it out and get it through the safety test.

Brilliant show, but I'm with zipadeedodah, I don't know much about the Dragons, but I know for sure that if I was about to present something in front of them I'd damn well make sure I knew everything I could!
I think the nervy one of the two women really nailed their own coffin shut when the one Dragon said "We'll keep it simple" and she said "Yes, I am a woman after all" - ! Oh nooo nooo nooo.....*cringe*
was i missing something with that one - wasn't it supposed to be stuck down to the seats like sticky back plastic?
or was it supposed to be portable and loose?

if so, how will the kids rip it? they'd have to be able to peel it off first!

all it needs is some kind of woven fabric running though it that cannot be ripped, and so it also be a bit thicker.

or even just a thin tubing type edging
The golf trolley charger made me laugh. My trolley takes 8 to 10 hours to charge yet my local course is 10 minutes drive away. I don't think the Irish chaps did their homework as I would imagine most golfers agree it would be a waste of money.

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