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missjef | 23:06 Thu 24th Aug 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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after reading a thing on Digital Spy on who was in the top 10 best and worst celebrities to get autographs from, i was wondering if any of you have met any actors/actresses to get their autographs and who was best/worst.


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My friend (now 40 something) likes to relate the tale that she was told to eff off by Rolf Harris!
i got geoffrey hughes' autograph (eddie yates - corrie) years ago. It was really scribbly and he said "If you can't read it love, give it the doctor and he'll give you something to rub on yer chest!"
Just to add to Alibobs's post, I've also heard that Rolf Harris is a miserable ******.
i have a signed photo of Ray Winstone and a signed photo of Danny Dyer. I also have a signed flyer of David Gorman.

Did have an autograph from Edwin Van De Sar (the now Man U keeper), but have seemed to have lst that. Have a signed serviette from Dino Zoff.
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Many rugby players / pundits etc are very pleasant to get autographs off. Even Stuart Barnes.

My first autographs were from a girl band called Fuzzbox, met them on a school trip on a train, and they signed my British Rail food bag!!!..they were very nice

Neil Armstrong sent me a very nice picture of him autographed for a space project I was doing at school

Patrick Moore sent me a postcard, and picked me up on my grammar as well!!

When I was at school we always used to have half days on the last day of term. John Nettles was doing a book signing at WHSmiths so a few of us jumped on a bus and attended. He thought we were bunking off school and was really rude to us!
The nicest signer would have to be Nigel Mansell, a true gentleman!
It would have to be a joint award for Phill Jupitus and his cronies from the Blockheads. Admittedly, I was working with them for most of the weekend, but requests to sign my book were met with an "Of course I can sign. Where? Here? Pleasure." I cannot say how genuinely nice these guys were. And I was given a T-shirt, and an invitation to another gig! Whoop-de-doo!

I have it on good authority that Daniel O'Donell will only sign a set number of autographs per gig and that's it. The late Don Lusher, on the other hand, would go into the auditorium at the end of a gig and stay signing and chatting for as long as it took.
Mr EDITOR tell me a good reason why you banned my answer????

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