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loulee89 | 21:00 Mon 07th Aug 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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What do you think to be the best movie soundtracks ever?? Mines got to be Underworld- Born Slippy - Trainspotting Soundtrack! How about yours ...


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Dirty Dancing probably closely followed by Grease.
No contest............... The Lost Boys.
guinnessman ...that'd be in my top 5...

Cowboy Bebop had a fantastic soundtrack

The Commitments comes near the top too ...

dunno ... I have hundreds of soundtracks, and they're all great
Lost Boys has to be one of the best no doubt.

oops meant to post a follow on.... I think the soundtrack of both pulp fiction and reservoir dogs deserve mention
Lost boys
dirty dancing
My faves are Ocean 11 and 12, and Miami Vice (the movie) soundtracks
Face (1997)

Track listing
1. Everything Has A Price To Pay - Weller, Paul
2. Feel The Sunshine - Reece, Alex & Deborah Anderson
3. Opium Shuffle - Death In Vegas
4. London Calling - Clash
5. Waiting For The Great Leap Forward - Bragg, Billy
6. Bullet (Bitten) - Fluke
7. Doin' Jobz 4tha Mob - Pigforce
8. New Era - New Era
9. Lucky - Taylor, Lewis
10. Subside - Monkey
11. Snake's Pass (remix) - APE
12. On And On - Longpigs
13. London Can You Wait - Gene
14. Standing In Your Shadow - Puressence
Saturday Night Fever
Lost In Translation
The Wedding Singer
The Committments
zen - absolutely - good film too - love that longpigs track
Red Violin
The Commitments
Big Fish
Grosse Point Blank
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Quadrophenia has to be the best.
The Blues Brothers
Billy Elliott
just a few film soundtracks i have bought
american grafitti
yellow submarine
saturday night fever
easy rider
blues brothers
a hard days night

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