strippers, tampons, and bb's susie (not a bb Q)

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joko | 21:25 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | Media & TV
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I have just heard a story that BBs susie used to be a stripper and one day when she was dancing her tampon came 'adrift' as they put it.

i actually don't really believe this for two reasons - firstly there is a little white piece of string which would be hanging about 2 inches out of her ladygarden, for all to see, and secondly they are not usually that easy to pull out, let alone fall out - especially of it has only been inserted just before going onstage, which i am sure it would have been - you'd have to be pretty dumb to go on stage with an old one in - you can sort of 'feel' them and would know it was 'full', if you get me.

so i was just curious, what to strippers do about this problem?



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Strippers use mooncups or similar.

Google for it.
i heard somewhere that they hav a special technique of burnin the string....ouch! dunno how anyone can do that!

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strippers, tampons, and bb's susie (not a bb Q)

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