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ScreaminTree | 10:56 Wed 14th Jun 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Dear Answerbank administrators,

Just a thought...I notice you have posted a special Topics Board for the World Cup in addition the usual "Sport" one. Presumably this is just active for the duration of the 2006 tournament? Would it thus be possible to implement a similar thing for "Big Brother", which is obviously also a televisual event of considerable magnitude. Here, devotees may discuss and debate the pertinent, pressing issues amongst themselves without inducing torpor in others?


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Thats a great idea!!!
A great idea, but they'd be too dim/lazy/unobservant to keep to that section.

You might be better with this in the suggestions section?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease (on my knees begging)
Question Author

chazza - good idea; I'll post it there too. However, I can't deny that I WAS being a touch provocative (as well as practical) in putting it here....

LeMarchand, you don't need to be offensive about it. I watch BB and I am quite capable of posting questions in the correct category.

I can also be polite about it too.

Question Author
chazza - thanks again. Done!

BTW great idea ScreaminTree, it has been suggested numerous time before but well done for pointing out about the World Cup! Maybe it will hold more weight this time!!

oh yes please. then i can avoid that category.
While BB does tend to polarise opinions on this site ("yeah, we'd noticed" - the rest of the AB), this is one thing on which both the pro and anti camps seem to agree - the pro camp like the idea of their own little BB section, while the sane, rational people :-) (just for you, Natalie!) like the idea of having the Film & TV section back to discuss other programmes without having to wade through post after post about you-know-what.

As a rabidly devoted member of the anti camp, I'm all for a separate BB section. :-)

Thanks littleoldme ;-)

(I'm having a bad day....... roll on 4pm......)

natalie_1982: Offensive or realistic? Let's face it, look at the number of Advert and Quiz questions that get posted in the incorrect category.

Besides which, you watch a show that takes delight in encouraging and showing bad behaviour amongst its contestants - why take slight at my honest opinion?

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