what part of glasgow?

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maxximus | 03:44 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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watched movie called ' dear frankie ' the other night, about a deaf boy and his mother, she was faking letters from his dad and he would answer them.a line i liked was when she said " it's the only time i can hear him speak" anyway i was wondering where in glasgow it was filmed, if at all. thanx.


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Can't be sure, but it reminded me of Greenock.

john is right

it was filmed around greenock, gourock and port glasgow.

i am originally from the area so it was quite funny seeing the area you grew up on screen

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yes i've been to glasgow many times and didn't recognize it. i noticed frankie walking past a laundro-mat, that's what got me thinking i've only ever found two in the whole city and i've used both of them so i'm thinking sooo! there's a third one but i guess not, so next time i'm there i'll drag a bag of laundry out to greenoch and check it out while my clothes are drying. normally use the one at tollcross or as the older folks say ' auchenshuggle ' probably spelled it wrong. that's where my families from. love visiting glasgow, looking at all the beautiful old buildings, especially at night. but getting your laundry done is a lot more hassle than what i'm used to. thanx for the answers

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what part of glasgow?

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